Horses Help with Girls Empowerment

February 21, 2011

When I was 15, I struggled with depression and anxiety. The academic rigor of school, the changes brought with puberty, individuation from parents, was difficult to say the least. Unsure of how to help, my parents decided to buy me a horse. Glory was a six-year-old thoroughbred cross, full of excitement, young, and out of control. She reminded me of myself. Glory became the love of my life. I could be sad, angry, scared, or full of joy and she did not go away, she stood right next to me, accepting me for what I was going through, for who I was. Having a horse at this time in my life was paramount. I spend long afternoons and weekends at the barn, grooming, riding, or just being with Glory. I felt a sense of accomplishment when we competitively jumped. I felt connected and strong when she followed me through the pastures. I felt happy a lot of the time I was with her. Glory helped me forget about all my struggles and remember that I was ok.

For the past five years, I have been helping young girls gain confidence and self-esteem by connecting them with the outdoors and horses. I believe this is my purpose and strength having been through it myself. This Spring with Contact With Horses, I am offering a Girls Empowerment Riding Group, Fridays from 4-6pm and recently announced my Girls Empowerment Summer Camps June 13-17th and July 11-15th, 8:30-12:30. I look forward to working with girls, exploring who they are, and connecting them to horses. What a gift I have received in my youth. I am blessed to be able to offer something similar to others.


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