Photos of North Island

January 15, 2011



January 15, 2011

Here begins my five week journey through New Zealand. I am accompanying my folks that are in their mid 60’s and find daily sweetness in the little things they say and do. I am reminded of being a kid. They have learned over the years to treat me as an adult, I have learned to treat them like the loving people that they are and not the ” people in my life that constantly tell me what to do and when,” although they still try to do this, I now smile instead of throwing a fit knowing that this is what parents do when they love their children. I am blessed to spend this much time with them.

I am looking forward to laughing, crying, sharing stories, and experiences. Will I have a chance to do this again with my folks? I hold this adventure in my hand, like a bird. Not too tight, but not too loose. I know the time will pass quickly, fly through my finger tips, but I will lightly hold on, to savor every moment.  

I would like to share with you my readers, my adventure, stories, personal and about the country of New Zealand. I will be visiting horse farms when I can, but also sharing stories about horses in New Zealand the relationship people have with them. Enjoy!


January 3, 2011

Thank you for visiting the new Contact With Horses Blog. This blog is dedicated to sharing stories, photos, and links about equine therapy and coaching. I will also be blogging about our trip to New Zealand over the next five weeks. I hope you enjoy and will follow our blog.

Founders Calyn Acebes MA, LPC and Ryan Post MA, LPC with Bella and Jazz